Thursday, July 28, 2005

Why is that...........

Well this is my first entry on Blog and as of what I have heard it is a good way to express yourself would out being judge as your world would judge you, if you get what I mean.
Now something has always occurred to me and I say this in a way of not to offend anyone's out look on things. Why is that a Woman have to go through so much to get a little attention not to say that I'm a needy woman. But to get noticed by the opposite sex you have to have it all out in order to get noticed. I understand that everyone has their preference of what they choose. However, there are women in the world that should not have to expose themselves in order to get the same attention.
Now speaking of attention, when a woman happens to get that attention why do they feel to speak as if you are some chick off the street! What happened to manners and the first time meaning a woman and not starting your sentence off with "Hey Ma'! You got a man?" It is like what movie did you see that in. Come with a little intelligence when approaching a woman. Don't get me wrong some women do like that approach, but understand that it is not for everyone.
Can a take the time and know someone before then determine if they want to sleep with you.
Now I understand that seems to be the trend of 21st century and that seems to be the "Thing nowadays." Now I remember back in the day, (Sorry to sound old when I'm really not.) Men took the time to know you hang out, go out on dates, meet the friends ( to get that approval of course) smile. There was never a time when sexual activities came to mind it just happened.
Now not for nothing there are times when you are just wanted to know someone for sexual reasons ONLY. We have all been there one point or another. Heck some of us are still there. What do you think about it. Am I wrong for feeling undesireable and unwanted? I have a good job and my own place and no children ( What a shock) nothing with anyone that does have children. But most I dress like some hoocie mama is order to get some love?